Ohana Camera Expendables Inc.

Got Ohana?


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As Ohana means family in Hawaiian, we consider all of our customers part of our extended family. Although we are a small family owned business, we are a leader in providing a vast inventory of MOTION PICTURE AND TELEVISION camera expendables and products. We offer services such as competitive pricing, free delivery to place of prep, as well as specialized item search. We invite you to become part of our Ohana and give us the opportunity to bid for all of your productions' needs.
Lens Wraps, Camera Covers, Bags, Camera Markers, Color Charts, Tools, Tape Measures, Flashlights, Ties & Straps
Pens, Chalk, Noteboks, Pencils, Rubberbands, Scissors, Razors, Markers, & Ptouch Tape

Canned Air, General Cleaning Supplies, Lubricants, & Solvents

Diapers, Mikros, Wipes, Selvyt Cloths, Lens Tissues, Sanitizers, Kimwipes, Paintbrushes, & Applicators

Chamois, Fleece, Microfiber, & Stitched

Alkaline & Lithium
3/4 inch, 1 inch, & 2 inch
Electrical, Photoblack, Cloth, Paper, & Gaffers